About Us

 My journey began in my 100 sq ft office space inside my home, and now it has become the mama to my fashion family of four. Our boutiques designs are loved by women the whole RGV for their innovative appeal and aesthetic values. Every garment is selected by me, with attention to detail at the forefront of every decision.

Heaven In Style - You will find the trendiest fashion pieces, was created to express my passion for fashion. •Located Inside La Plaza Mall in McAllen Tx. By Hallmark (956)533-7425

House of Couture - You will find from the perfect Bridal dress to the Perfect Evening Gown, was Inspired by my very own Love Story.  •Located next to Heaven In Style & Hallmark Inside La Plaza Mall in McAllen Tx. (956)533-7425

H.I.S. Collection (Heaven In Style for Men) you will find the trendiest & most comfortable men collection, was Inspired for the Man of dreams, my fiancé. •Located Inside La Plaza Mall in McAllen Tx. by the Food Court. (956)617-0286

ANA TORRES In Style - you will be able to shop & find all 5 brand, adding a basic style to love for your everyday look. Also our “H.Q.” providing all the customer service needs such as fitting & alterations, shipping & handling, marketing & operations office, a space to create & a home for my fashion family of four. Inspired by yours truly, me, Ana Torres. •Located 912 N. 10th St. McAllen Tx.  (956)540-7102